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Prototyping Instruments

No.Equipment NameMake & Model
1 3 D Printer -1 Ultimaker 2+
2 3 D Printer -2 Flashforge Guider II
3CO2 Laser Cutter TIL6040
4 3 D Scanner – 1 Artec Space Spider
53 D Scanner – 2 Cubify: Sense
6Cutting Plotter  Graphtec cutting plotter CE6000-60

Design & Simulation Softwares

No.Software NameCompany
1Solid Works 2018 Dassault Systemes
2SolidWorks SimulationDassault Systemes
3SolidWorks ComposerDassault Systemes
4SolidWorks Flow with ECM and HVACDassault Systemes
5SolidWorks Plastics Premium Dassault Systemes
6SolidWorks MBD StandardDassault Systemes
7SolidWorks Electrical Professional Dassault Systemes
8SolidWorks Visualize ProfessionalDassault Systemes
9SolidWorks PCB Dassault Systemes
10Matlab & SimulinkMathworks