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Model No: EDC_PS_K019310

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Model No: EDC_PS_K019310

Designed specifically for rural India

Low maintenance, remote monitoring, high range of operation

An oxygen concentrator is an electrically operated device intended to provide supplemental low flow oxygen therapy. The unit separates oxygen from ambient air, delivering high quality purified oxygen to patients.
The oxygen concentrator is designed to provide over 90% concentrated oxygen. The time to achieve and reach the specified performance is less than 5 min at 10 LPM.

The device works on Pressure Swing Adsorption process by trapping and removing nitrogen from ambient air, thereby allowing enriched oxygen to be available at the output. In the process, molecular sieve lithium based zeolites have been used for adsorption. To enable use in high humidity conditions, it incorporates a moisture removal stage with a built-in auto drain valve. Real time data monitoring of oxygen level, flow rate, temperature, pressure and relative humidity is achieved through indicators and sensors having temperature range up to 10°C -45°C, humidity of 15%-95% and elevation up to 2000 meters. Visual and auditory alarms are also installed for safe and smooth functioning of the device.

The machine is built on a rigid, aluminum extrusion frame with suitable covering as well as is wheel mounted which enables rigidity to the device as well as robustness to work in different areas and health care settings. The machine can be powered from a standard 220-240 V AC at 50 Hz with power consumption of less than 750 W at 10 LPM.


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