Do It Yourself – DIY | Reusable Cotton Masks

During Corona Pandemic, IIT Bombay Hospital, security staff, maintenance and health office staff are facing an acute shortage of masks. We designed these reusable washable cotton masks with available materials. This instructional video showcases a step-by-step process on how to make the cotton mask.
Published 31 March 2020, by IIT Bombay. Very useful, wide adoption will quickly help ensure that *every individual uses a cloth mask (is reusable upon washing in soap) every day at least while venturing out* and also at home as extra care, until disposable surgical masks (~Rs 30 if available) and N95 masks (~ INR 300+ but reserved only for doctors and immediate contacts of infected due to cost/shot constraints) become widely available.
This is in the context of the discussion on the need to wear masks. Given that ~50% carriers can be asymptomatic, everyone wearing masks is the best way to minimize transmission. (There are several videos on that, including from the Czech Republic, which has made masks compulsory with good results.)
Click here to download the step wise of making your own cotton mask.


Credits: IIT Bombay