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Design & Prototyping Lab

Design & Prototyping Lab consists of CAD & CAE facility for Design and Simulation (Solidworks 2018), 3D Printers, Industrial 3D Scanners, CO2 Laser Cutter, and a Graphic Plotter.

Electronics Lab

Electronics Lab is ESD protected and equipped with Spectrum Analyzer Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, Arbitrary Function Generator, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Digital Multi Meter 6 ½ Digit, Multiple Output DC Power supply, Circuit Board Plotter, De-solder/Solder Rework System, Potentiostat/Galvanostat/Impedance Analyzer.

Processing Lab

Processing Lab is well equipped with Hot Air Oven's, Muffle Furnace, Autoclave, Convection Oven, Hydraulic Press, Ball Mill Grinder, Injection Moulding Machine.

Optic's Lab

Optic' s Lab is well equipped with Research Spectroflurometer, Fiber' s, Spectrometer-FLAME-NIR, Spectrometer-FLAME UV.

Dark Room

Dark Room is equipped with an Optical Table i.e., a Vibration Control Platform that is used to support systems used for laser- and optics-related experiments, engineering and manufacturing.

Mechanical Fab Lab

Mechanical Fab Lab is well equipped with standard hardware, measuring and calibration tools along with a 4 axis Vertical Machining Center (VMC) & Power tools which provides a perfect ground for the entrepreneurs to shape their prototype models.

Rupee Centre

Rupee Lab is well equipped with Pelletizer, Lab Valley Beater, Doctor Blade, Two Roll Mill, Beating & Freeness Tester, Semi-Automated Sheet Former, Super Mass Collider, etc,.

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