Optics Lab & Dark Room

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Optics Lab

No.Equipment NameMake & Model
1Flame Spectrometer,UVOcean optics:FLAME-S-XR1-ES
2Flame Spectrometer,NIROcean optics: Flame NIR
3STS Micro spectrometer UVOcean optics:STS-UV-L-25-400 SMA
4STS Micro spectrometer, NIROcean optics:STS-NIR-L-25-400-SMA
5Research SpectrofluorometerHORIBA Scientific: Fluoromax-4C
6Light Source:Balanced Deuterium Tungsten SourceOcean optics:DH2000 BAL
7Diode lasers  with SMA connector 3mW 405, 532, 635, 650, 780, 840nm one each with power supply
8Sampling AccessoriesOcean optics
Reflectance Standards- WS1Ocean optics: WS1
CUV-FL-DA Cuvette HolderOcean optics: CUV-FL-DA
CUV-COVER- Cover for sample compartmentOcean optics: CUV-COVER
9FibersOcean optics
Premium-grade Patch CordsOcean optics: QP50-2-UV-VIS, QP200-2-UV-VIS, QP400-2-UV-VIS,QP600-2-UV-VIS,QP600-2-VIS-NIR,QP1000-2-VIS-NIR
Premium Bifurcated Fiber,50 umOcean optics: QBIF50-VIS-NIR
Reflection Probe, MIXEDOcean optics: QR400-2-Mixed
10RPH Reflection Probe HoldersOcean optics: RPH-1
11Adaptors and bushing-SMA Splice BushingsOcean optics:21-02 Series SMA Splice Bushings
12SMA 905 Connector KitsOcean optics: SMA 905 Connector Kits

Dark Room

No.Equipment Name Make & Model
1 Optical table with optics set up Holmarc