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How to make an IR Thermometer?

Electronic components required:- Nodemcu, OLED display (0.96”), MLX90614 (IR Temperature Sensor), micro USB cable, power bank or mobile phone (power source)
Casing Cover:- Download here Casing cover stl. files (165 downloads ) for 3D printing


  1. Make the connections as per the circuit diagram.
  2. Upload the code into the module using arduino software.
  3. Connect the micro USB cable to the power bank or mobile phone.
  4. Place the sensor at a distance of 30mm – 70mm from the forehead/object to verify the temperature.
  5. Place the sensor, nodemcu and oled in the casing

Download here

Your IR Thermometer is ready to use now!!!

Note: You are free to use and download them as you like under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial – ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License. I hope you find them useful.

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