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With unmatched sensitivity and unparalleled flexibility, the FluoroMax Series can meet all of your lab’s experimental needs. HORIBA’s industry-leading spectrofluorometer provides performance in a convenient, affordable, easy to use bench-top model. The FluoroMax family, with its unique all reflective optics and photon counting, was the first to bring the sensitivity of a modular fluorometer to a tabletop unit.

Key features include:

Water Raman signal-to-noise ratio: 16000:1 (6000:1 FSD)

Photon Counting for Ultimate Sensitivity

Fast Scanning capability – up to 80 nm/second

Powerful FluorEssence™ software for Windows®

Method Files to recall complete experiment parameters

Time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) accessory for lifetime determinations

Typical applications

FluoroMax-based solutions are available for measuring solid and liquid samples,with high throughput screening, cryogenic or elevated temperatures, absolute quantum yields, microliter volumes, stopped flow mixing or titration, and even micron scale measurements using a microscope. With the industry’s most extensive list of accessories, the FluoroMax series offers unparalleled flexibility to meet all of your lab’s experimental needs.

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