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Portable Oxygen Concentrator : KOKILA

Designed specifically for rural India

Model No: EDC_PS_K019310



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Oxygen Purity93% ± 3%
Time to Reach 93% of Specified Performance< 5 Min
Flow Rate7 LPM
Data monitoringReal time data – Oxygen Purity level, Flow rate, Temperature, Humidity
Durability and RobustnessTemperature 10-45 °C, humidity 15%-95% elevation up to 2000 meters
Flow Meter0 to 7 LPM flow meter, min incremental 0.5 LPM
AlarmsVisual and auditory alarms
IndicatorsClearly labeled or marked with pictures and language. Audible alerts and diagnostic indicator where possible. UI  easy  to  understand Purity of oxygen, Flow rate, Temperature and Humidity indicators.
MobilityWhole unit moveable with wheels on at least two feet
Oxygen MonitorVisual and audible status, preferably with color coding for early   warning
Noise Level≤60 decibels
Weight45 kg
Dimensions (LXWXH)565mm X 510mm X 1015mm / 1.8ft  X 1.7ft X 3.3ft
Usage MeterNon-resettable  digital meter displaying  cumulative  hours   of  operation
Outlet Pressure5.5 PSI
Oxygen Purity Indicator alarm levelsLow oxygen: 80%, Very low oxygen: 70%
Power SourceMains Power
Voltage220-240 VAC at 50 Hz
Power Consumption<750W at 7 LPM


This is an experimental device produced for the emergent needs of remote healthcare locations. No warranty or assurance is provided. Venture center shall not be responsible for, nor incur any liability for any particular use or application of its product by the customer absent such a specific and express written contractual agreement otherwise and the choice of our product for any particular intended use is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer.